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Senior Project Manager

United Kingdom, , LondonProject Management

Job description

Imagine scrolling through your Pinterest feed, TikTok, Insta or your Calm app, seeing an awesome bit of creative and thinking “We did that.”

Join us, and be part of the crack team of multi-skilled creatives that produces that jaw-dropping content every single day.

A Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the work delivery on their accounts and for maintaining our high standards of client management. They will lead a team of project managers, managing their development using objectives and regular reviews. Within that team, there will be juniors and mid weights who will be running the day to day projects/briefs so will require mentoring to align standards and expectations.

The Senior Project Manager would be key to ensuring the account is run efficiently. The Senior Project Manager will also work with the Senior Management Team to raise and discuss challenges within the team and opportunities for the company. They will also be working on day to day projects, and are expected to be an example of great project management to the rest of the team.

Embracing the hybrid working model, we have an amazing office space in the heart of London to allow the team to collaborate face to face, forge friendships and train, whilst supporting a work/life balance with set days working from home, too.

We’ll help you get your home office set up, and when you’re in the office, we’ll provide snacks and breakfast - one less thing to worry about in the morning.

We never work weekends and we encourage people to leave on time. We have an employee assistance program to support your mental health, and we’ll give you access to shopping and eating discounts in the West End. Well, who doesn’t love a bargain?

Job requirements

  • Independently manage a number of more complex projects at a time from brief to final delivery
  • Create project timing plans, monitor and keep up to date throughout the project life to ensure all stakeholders know what will be delivered when
  • Create cost estimates, monitor and keep up to date throughout the project life, ensuring no nasty surprises for clients, and speedy billing
  • Ensure work delivered fits the brief and reduce errors as much as possible
  • Work closely and directly with the creators (and AMC PMs) in delivering projects
  • Liaising and scheduling with UK and AMC teams
  • Manage and develop internal (incl AMC) relationships
  • Provide recommendations to create efficiencies.
  • Interpret and clarify briefs where necessary
  • Ensure all projects are delivered on time, using the most appropriate resources combined with the best approach to produce the project
  • Effectively manage multiple projects across time zones and multiple markets Typical team management activities
  • Holding regular informal and formal reviews with each member of the team
  • Creating achievable but stretching objectives for the team
  • Identifying weaker skills areas across the team that need supplementing
  • Mentoring the project managers and building up trust in their judgement
  • Overseeing the whole body of work on the account to make sure standards are being maintained
  • Training the team on the best practices
  • Meeting with the management team to raise and solve issues

You would be expected to:

  • Flag issues within the team and seek support to mentor and develop each person
  • Work with management to ensure that the team is working as efficiently as possible within the process, suggesting improvements and streamlining the process with technology where possible
  • Manage workload by delegating tasks and day to day project work while providing the team with the support they need
  • Encourage team to work collectively to look for solutions to tasks to enable them to work autonomously
  • Help the project managers to learn how to read briefs thoroughly and bring their experience to bear on the projects they are working on, thinking thoroughly about each project, and maintaining quality day in day out
  • Be cost aware to monitor your accounts profitability. Flag if under or over resourced, and work to develop account wide efficiencies
  • Be pro-active in suggesting improvements within the company to help drive smarter working
  • Be aware of the wider business picture and how the work you do and the skills you have can contribute to the company’s success in other ways than your day to day tasks.